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Our Offices

Agile55 Limited,
155 Commercial St
E1 6BJ, UK

ATTN: Outsourcing Companies, PLEASE DO NOT CALL US. We rely only on our creative team to develop projects. Thanks!

Questions and Answers

Will I own intellectual property to resulting code?

Yes. As per our contract, once you supply us with a full payment you become owner of intellectual property we have developed for you in scope of your project.

What technologies do you use in your projects?

We primarily rely on open-source software stack. Once we know the nature of your project, we will be able to recommend which technologies should be used.

Do you work on a time-basis

Yes, if you are looking for a more cost-efficient development for a long-term project and are willing to have greater control over the tasks in the pipeline, we can take estimation overheads from our development cycle and give you discount for reducing risks.

Do you offer support?

We offer several types of support agreements depending on your budget expectations. We may have agreement with you where we would look after the website and react as per your requirement raising invoice on the time spent. Alternatively you can pay a fixed amount every month and we would look after the stability of your site and absorb any excess costs if any large amout of work is needed.

Will my in-house developers be able to maintain your software?

Our platform (agiletoolkit) is widely popular and is used by thousands of developers worldwide. If your developer have not discovered Agile Toolkit yet (it's relatively new), then it would take them about a month of self-training to learn the Toolkit.

Agile Toolkit requires licenses for commercial use, will I need them?

As the team behind Agile Toolkit we give all our clients a license to use Agile Toolkit on your site for as long as you want and includes up to two developers who can support your site. If you plan to have a larger team working with your software, they will need to to have Agile Toolkit developer account.